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After defeating Hook and sealing the keyhole, Peter Pan asked Sora to take one of Tinker Bell for a while so that way she can cool off from Wendy. So from the time Sora, Donald, and Goofy took in Tinker Bell to the time they defeated Ansem, Tinker Bell have been a useful member of the team, but it wasn’t that way before. Let’s say Sora had to put in check for a while.

This all happened when Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Tinker Bell took off to another world. The journey was less than pleasant as Tinker Bell didn’t seem to get comfortable. She was still hot tempered about Wendy and furiously flying around the ship. Sora, Donald, and Goofy couldn’t get her to stop. The three tried to stop her, but she was too fast to catch. It wasn’t until Sora did something totally accidentally did something to cool her down.

It was when Sora, Donald, and Goofy had enough and got tire of chasing Tink around that they were almost about to just leave at the next world they find. Sora was sitting in his chair yawning and exhausted while Tinker Bell was still full of energy, still flying around in a fit of rage.

The thing is that Tinker Bell was flying close to Sora, and unfortunately, this was a time where Sora was yawning. So while Tinker Bell was zoomly blinding around the ship, she got too close to Sora’s mouth, and the suction from his yawn pulled Tinker Bell into his mouth. Sora stopped yawning and quickly shut his mouth tight. Donald and Goofy watched the whole thing and jumped in their seat a little as they seen what happened.

“WAIT SORA WAIT”, Donald said but it too late

When Tink landed in Sora’s mouth, she sucked in so hard that her head was stuck in his throat. So out of reflex and choking, Sora accidentally swallowed Tinker Bell, seeing a big light bulging down his throat and into his stomach.

Donald and Goofy screamed in terror. “What are we going to do”, Donald said, “Peter Pan’s gonna to kill us”

Sora had little worry, but then had a grin in his face. “All I just need to do is just puke her out, but this is also a perfect time to at least get some peace and quiet for at least a couple of minutes”.

Donald thought about it for a second, and his evil laugh and grin started to show. He could finally get some peace, even if it for a while.

“But aren’t you afraid you might digest her”, Goofy asked

“It’s only gonna to be for a couple of minutes, plus we will know if she is still alive as long as her light is still glowing inside my stomach and I can also drink some water to dilute the acid in my stomach.”

“OK”, Donald and Goofy said

So for the next 20 minutes, Tinker Bell have been punching and kicking Sora’s stomach while having water pour down her head. She couldn’t fly around because Sora’s stomach was too cramped. After for about fifteen minutes and just sat there in Sora’s stomach with her head down weeping in a half pool of water. She thought that she going to die in here. She thought that she was going to never see Peter Pan againand would be energy for Sora’s body. Then suddenly Sora’s stomach started to compress, making the water in Sora’s stomach rise up and Tinker Bell to be smosh like a sandwitch. Finally she started to moves out of the stomach into a tight hole moving upward to her next destination.

Sora was enjoying all of the movement with Tinker Bell in his stomach. He knew Tinker Bell was kicking and punching his stomach wall, but to him he didn’t care, he felt full and satisfied plus all of that movement was keeping Sora awake; which was a good thing so he won’t forget. If it wasn’t for that he had Tinker Bell alive and that was valuable to the team, there was probably no doubt that most liking Tinker Bell was going to be his food and would have fuel his growing body.

After about twenty minutes of time-out, Sora felt that it was time for let Tinker Bell out. He went to the gummi ship’s tiny bathroom, locked the door, stuck two finger down his throat, and regurgitated Tinker Bell out of his stomach in the sink. Tink was dazed and confused of what happened. She was slow to get away to get away from Sora’s hand as it came closer to her, grabbing her in his clutches, but not too tightly. She started to glow red with angry.

“So have you got the chance to calm down yet”, Sora asked

Tinker Bell responded by trying to bite Sora finger to set her free, but Sora was too quick as he moved his hand left in a jerking motion, which surprised.

“Oh so you want to go back on time out”, Sora said using his other hand to point at his mouth. Tinker Bell quickly shook her head as a response to that question.

“Good cuz next time you act up on this ship again, my stomach is where you are going to be heading back, and this time, I’m not going to let you out and I’ll tell Peter that you ran away from us,”Sora said in a threating voice, “Do I make myself clear?”

Tinker Bell quickly shook her head agreeing to Sora.

So now everything was at least manageable on the gummi ship. Tinker Bell didn’t flew around no more in a heated temper tatrum no more, for she knows that if she does, all that Sora have to do was to pointed at his mouth as a warning of what would happen.
This is a short story because I was bored. Nothing too serious.

This is Sora's time out for Tinker Bell(Not in a sexual way if you are wondering).
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